Excilor comes in a handy applicator pen and in a solution bottle with brush. Both are easy to use in only 1 minute a day, whichever your personal preference to fit your daily routine.

  • Clinically proven efficacy*
  • Complete penetration* through TransActive penetration technology™
  • Only 1 minute a day to allow the nail to grow back healthy
  • No need to file the nail


*Excilor. Proven efficacy for the treatment of onychomicosis (tinea unguium).
Product information and clinical evidence


Studies have shown that on average, a single applicator constitutes a full course of treatment for one infected nail.

Quick and easy to use


Excilor products are

  • very easy and convenient to use.

  • designed to treat the whole of the nail.

  • used to coat the entire surface of the damaged nail.



  • Before each application, clean the nail and remove any traces of nail polish.

  • Use the pen-shaped applicator to coat the whole nail and the underside of the nail rim with the product. Apply generously twice a day (once in the morning, once in the evening). For best results, treat the infected area for a minimum of three months. It is best to continue the course of treatment until the nail has recovered completely.

  • Allow the nail dry within seconds before putting on socks and/or shoes. (After each application, you can use your usual nail polish or lacquer, but don’t forget to remove the nail polish before the next treatment).

  • Make sure the applicator is fully closed after each treatment to prevent evaporation.

  • Use a nail clipper to trim the nail as soon as new growth appears.


  • For external use only.

  • Avoid all contact with eyes and mucous membranes. If the product comes into contact with eyes or mucous membranes, rinse with plenty of water.

  • In case of allergic reaction, discontinue use of the product immediately.

  • Store at room temperature and keep away from heat or direct sunlight.

  • Keep out of the reach of children and animals.

  • Make sure the applicator is fully closed after each treatment to prevent evaporation.

  • If there is no visible improvement in the nail as it grows back (after about one month of treatment), consult your GP.

Ingredients (incl):

Enriched with glycerol, nail care lipids and biotin. Ethyllactate, acetic acid, penetration enhancer, film-forming agent, water,glycerol, polysorbate 80, cetyl acetate, acetylated lanolin alcohols, biotin and preservative (contains no parabens).