3-in-1 Protector Spray

Excilor 3-in-1 Protector Spray is ideal for anyone engaging
in barefoot activity in communal areas.


  • Young children (the core target sufferers of verrucas) – during (school) swimming, (school) gym, bare-foot sports such as judo, sports in general where locker rooms are used

  • Sports practitioners – exposing their feet to locker rooms, gym floors, gym/judo mats, moist area’s around swimming pools

  • Swimming pool/wellness visitors – using communal showers, spa’s, sauna’s, locker rooms

  • (Business) travelers – frequenting hotel rooms or other communal areas bare-foot

  • Religious practitioners – engaging in barefoot activity on communal floors, carpets, in washing rooms



















Features, benefits & claims

Excilor 3-in-1 Protector Spray creates an effective, easy-to-apply and safe invisible barrier against the contraction of verrucas, athlete’s foot, nail fungus during 8 hours of barefoot activity. 


Product features:

  • Creates an invisible barrier like an ‘invisible sock’

  • Protects during and after barefoot activity

  • Dries instantly Active 8-hour protection, even after exposure to moist*
    (* disclaimer reg normal use, see packaging) + logo

  • Can be used from 2 years plus


Protector Spray

Mode of action

Invisiblock TM technology creates an ultrathin, non-stickey copolymer film, which acts as an “invisible sock”.

It creates a superficial barrier that physically protects the skin and also creates an unfavorable environment for microbes and fungis.

The film-forming formulation instantly blocks the proliferation of :

  • Trichophyton species responsible for athlete’s foot and nail fungus

  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) responsible for verrucas (specific in-vitro tests)




How to use

  • Spray onto feet, making sure to cover the soles, the nails and in between the toes

  • Dries in seconds, leaving a smooth, soft, pleasantly scented film

  • Either leave-on after your barefoot activity OR remove easily using luke-warm water and any skin detergent, gently rubbing the feet. At your own discretion, you may apply a fresh layer before putting on socks & shoes to prevent against cross-contamination from infected socks & shoes