Next generation Excilor®



Excilor® composition has been improved in two ways:


1.    Extra powerful formula: in-vitro tests on Excilor® show superior efficacy of Excilor® in the growth inhibition and reduction of Trichophyton mentagrophytes in the treated areas*


2.   Enriched for nail care: Excilor® is now enriched with nail lipids and biotin for supportive nail care during treatment. It helps to rebuild the damaged nail structure, thus improving the cosmetic aspect of the nail and providing a stronger barrier against fungal invasion.

*Source: Evaluation of the efficacy of commercial onychomycosis products in nail model “(in-vitro clinical trial), Oystershell Laboratories, Belgium November 2014”.



Optimal penetration is related to the active ingredient, the penetration enhancer and the hydration process. As opposed to large classic antimycotic molecules, Excilor®’s small molecule can easily penetrate the nail.



  • Through the optimization of our hydration, Excilor® is penetrating the nail to reach the dermatophytes inside and under the nail.
  • Only Excilor® is made with the unique TransActive™ technology.



Excilor® fits your daily routine – apply in only 1 minute a day; dries in seconds. You can use it everywhere, any time.


The classic anti-mycotic molecules are so big, they cannot penetrate the nail without filing.
Excilor’s molecule is small allowing for optimum penetration and dries within seconds.(1)

1 In-vitro results University of Antwerp